How to Prepare a Successful Bridal Shower

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So you just accepted a role to be your best friend’s maid of honor, what exactly do you need to do? Well, as the maid of honor, you have the responsibility to plan her bridal shower. The reason for this is because among her friends, you are the one she chose to be the maid of honor. This means that you are the one who’s closest to her and that she trusts you a lot.

When it comes to planning her bridal party, you need to be prepared with a number of things. Here is a short list of the things you need for the party to be a success:

Guest List

Normally, the people who attend a bridal shower are the women on the bridal entourage. But apart from this, you can also invite the mom of the bride. Another tip is to invite the groom’s mom and sisters. This is a good way for everyone to bond right before the wedding commences.


There are countless number of themes for a bridal shower. Many choose to stick to a traditional shower, but have you thought about a theme? How about one of these bridal shower themes? For the Home: the guests can shower the bride to be with kitchen gadgets and cooking necessities. You can decorate with personalized whisks and other kitchen themed bridal shower favors. Lingerie Shower: the guests will have a ball shopping for something special for the new Mrs. to don on her honeymoon. Lingerie doesn’t necessarily mean teddy’s and babydolls. It can include loungewear, personalized robes, wedding cake pajamas, and other classy items the bride will appreciate. Everything MRS.: the guests can enjoy watching the bride to be unwrap everything she will need once she is married. You can decorate with a “Future Mrs.” banner and write out the place settings for each guests…Mrs. Smith, Miss Williams, Mrs. Cohen.


If ever you’ll have a regular party, you will need to prepare some games so that everyone will get to enjoy the celebration. This is a great way you can make everyone know each other, especially those in the bridal entourage.

A party is never complete without decorations. And when it comes to bridal showers, there is a selection of items you can use for the party. Among these include clothes and props that indicate who the bride is. You can check out the available bridal shower gifts at our website. We can personalize for your friend’s bridal shower.

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