Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Shoes


Nowadays, there are so many different styles of shoes you can buy and use for your wedding day. Apart from just choosing the style, you also have to consider a number of things like the color and the heel height. But because you need to find the perfect wedding shoes to wear on your big day, it is important that you get some help on how to pick one out. Here are some things you should consider about your wedding shoes:

Wedding Venue

One of the most important things you have to consider is the venue where you will be getting married. Especially if you will be having a beach wedding, you need to prepare your wedding shoes for it. Instead of choosing something with a high heel on it, you will need to wear something flat. A good option for beach weddings is using a pair of white rubber flip-flops, as these are more suitable for walking on the sand compared to stilettos.


Speaking of stilettos, you shouldn’t wear those either! This is because when you’re getting married, you will be moving around most of the time. From walking down the aisle to standing several minutes in photos, you will need to go with a pair of shoes that you find most comfortable. Unless you decided to change into something more comfortable, you will have to wear the shoes during the father-daughter dance and your first dance as a couple too! Always think of how comfortable you will be wearing the shoes you chose.


You also need to consider about your wedding shoes is its color. Most of the time, brides choose a white or gold pair of shoes to match their white gown. Given the number of options available, you won’t have any trouble picking one out. You can even match the color of your shoes with your chosen wedding theme. Another good idea is to go for a pair of blue wedding shoes as part of your compliance to the age-old tradition ‘Something old, something blue.’

There are a number of wedding shoes that you can choose from. Make sure that you pick one out that you are most comfortable in. You can always go through our selection for some options that you may go for.

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