Seeing your Mr. for the First Time

Many brides are so excited to get ready on the big day and don their amazing wedding gown. You imagine walking down the aisle. You imagine the smiles on faces of your families and friends…BUT are you prepared for the gleeful look on the groom’s face?

The groom will be patiently waiting at the alter and probably perspiring as he waits to say his vows. Men sometimes process the big day differently that us gals! They might stress about standing in front of the crowd, stumbling over their vows, and getting overheated in their tuxedos. They have been teased from their friends about taking the plunge and that day has finally come.

Imagine the groom…he is in front of your loved ones stressing with no where to turn and no where to run. There is probably only one thing that will make him feel better at this moment…you! You are his best friend. You are his everything.  You are the breathtaking bride that will be walking down the aisle at any moment. Remember you are the other half he has been waiting for. Your presence, your beauty, your being will pull out every emotion he has in him. The look of joy, love, and inner peace will exude from him. Enjoy this moment. Take it in. Enjoy this once in a lifetime look from the man you love.

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